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Mieke's Hof
Grandma Mike


Grandma Mieke started keeping chickens as a hobby in the middle of the last century. She turned out to have a real commercial spirit. In addition to her neighbors, guests of the nearby Bosbad Hoeven holiday park also bought eggs from grandma Mieke. She was a warm-hearted lady who was never shy of a chat.

There was a small shop with a potbelly stove, on which she cooked hot soup for her guests. At eighty-five, she still had twelve hundred chickens.

The name Mieke's Hof is an ode to grandma Mieke.

Lenette en Ron

Hostess and Host

Lenette and Ron Braspenning are the hospitable owners of Mieke's Hof. They think it's special to be able to receive you at their living and working domain.

Lenette is the first point of contact for guests of the camper place and the shop. She has been active in the hospitality and food hygiene industry for many years.

Ron has his focus on the dairy farm across the street and on the maintenance of the land. You will certainly encounter both during your visit to Mieke's hof.

Whoever you can meet in the yard is Piekie, the red farm cat. She is not averse to a little attention, but prefers to do her own thing.

enjoy the good life at Mieke's Hof

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Our logo was designed by Gwen Goevaerts based on an old photo of grandma Mieke milking a cow.